Timely inspection of cargo tanks can save a lot of damage

Cargo Tanks can be used for the transportation of various hazardous and non-hazardous materials from one destination to another and a proper inspection of a cargo tank in very essential to save the company for immediate and huge losses or threats to those on board. While you may wish to have regular and periodic assessments done, it is definitely suggested to have the inspection of cargo Tanks done as soon as the vessel hints at its requirement. Tel Marine has an extensive system of carrying out the Tank inspections and carries out all the inspections with respect to the standards and regulations of the national standards and permits. Some of the key features of an extensive Cargo Tank inspection are compliant with quality standards.

cargo tank inspection

Except while carrying out a pressure test, a cargo tank should not be subjected to a pressure greater than it’s capacity. And all the Marine Tank Inspection experts are qualified and certified to carry out the inspections as per the said guidelines. Similarly, each cargo tank needs to be evaluated and in accordance to the predefined parameters and results. And each tank that passes the test should be ranked accordingly. Most of the tanks that fail the test also have to be repaired and brought up to the levels.

Tel Marine also facilitates the provisions of repairing and correcting the tanks that do not pass the tests. A Cargo Tank may also develop dents or fissures, abrasion area and thinning as well, due to prolonged and over use. Such cases of assessment and testing have to be handled more carefully ensuring that all safety measures are in place for the tests as well as after the inspections

Tel Marine is a Marine service expert in Mumbai and has many years of expertise in this domain. For any of your assessment and inspection needs, Tel marine has the best qualified manpower to assist you.